30 Ways To Save £1

Sunday, 28 April 2013

30 Ways To Save £1

MoneySupermarket are currently holding a blogger's challenge to come up with some money saving tips. As I like to save money where I can, I thought I would have a go and let you into my secrets.

1. If you are going for a day out, check the internet first to make sure there aren't any special offer coupons you can use.
2.Buy expensive items like kids coats in the sales for the next year.
3. Buy some generic children's birthday presents when they are in the sales and keep them in the cupboard until you need them.
4. The supermarkets often have free magazines that they give out. Have a read and cut out any money saving coupons you see.
5. Do your sums. Just because it is on a special offer at the supermarket, doesn't always mean it is the best offer. Sometimes the bigger packets of stuff are more expensive than 2 smaller packets.
6. Like your favourite venues on facebook and twitter as sometimes they put offers on these types of social media.
7. When cooking a meal, cook double and freeze a portion. It often saves money as well as time.
8. Lots of the supermarkets are doing price comparisons these days. If they give you a coupon as they were more expensive this time, don't forget to use it on your next shop.
9. If you are planning on purchasing something do a quick internet search to check where you can get it for the best price.
10. Consider buying annual passes for places you go a lot. They often have other perks associated with them too.
11. Use loyalty cards. It may take a while to earn points, but you can use them for treats.
12. Consider doing your grocery shopping online. Although there is a delivery charge, you don't have to drive there and you are less likely to impulse buy, as you would instore.
13. If you have nearly new items, try selling them at a carboot, ebay or facebook page.
14. Check these out for buying things too - you can get some great deals.
15. Take shopping bags with you when you go shopping. Some shops charge for carrier bags these days, so it will save money and be better for the environment.
16. Lots of cinemas do kids viewings at the weekend and in school holidays. They aren't the latest films, but they are a lot cheaper and still fun.
17. Lots of restaurants do discounts in the week or earlybird offers so check these out.
18. Consider buying in bulk. You can get some great bargains, if you have somewhere to store it.
19. If you are off for a day out, consider taking a picnic or some bottles of drink, as this can set you back as much as your entry.
20. Use price comparison sites when your car and home insurance is due, you could save a lot more than £1
21. Enter competitions. You have to be in it to win it!
22. Enjoy the free things in life. You don't have to spend a fortune to have a nice day out. A walk in the woods or local park will keep the kids and your wallet happy.
23. Don't buy loads of magazines, buy one and swop it with friends. Or even better, use the web for your celebrity gossip.
24. Kids grow fast - don't worry about using hand me downs. If your friends can kids of a similar age you could always swop clothes with them so that it looks like new clothes to your child.
25. If you have any savings, look at putting them into an ISA rather than sitting in your bank account.
26. Make sure you have a mobile phone contract that suits you. Check your current usage before you sign up to a contract.
27. Write a meal plan  - it should cut down on the amount you spend on your food bill and mean there is less waste.
28. Stock up on nappies and baby wipes when the supermarkets have their baby events.
29. Often companies send you surveys with offers if you complete them - Hollywood Bowl is particularly good for this, offering half price bowling.
30. Use the Vouchercloud app on your phone and check it when you are out - they have loads of great money off offers

What is your best money saving tip?

This is my entry into the Moneysupermarket 30 ways to save £1 competition the first 500 bloggers to enter will recieve £1 for each money saving tip (up to £30) and all enteries will be put into a prize draw to win £1000


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  1. Love the blog, some good ideas here I might have to try :) x