Tuesday 5 March 2013


Last week middle man had had his best friend over for tea as a late birthday celebration. He had eaten too much sugar and didn't want to sleep. I should have known that it was going to be a taxing bedtime when we were reading his bedtime story. His new favourite book is Pants. We are positively encouraging this book in a hope that one day he will actually ditch his beloved nappies and wear some himself. We chose nappies for big man, Daddy, me and even baby man (the nappy pants of course.)

On the basis that middle man spends most of his day ignoring or stealing toys off baby man, this was clearly a delaying bed time tactic.

I tucked him in and a few mins later he was up. "I've lost my pig!" Yes he has taken to adding a large shape sorting pig to his roll call of soft toys.

"I've lost my bus!."

Back upstairs I trek to find his shape sorting bus right next to his bed. I tucked him in again along and wished him goodnight. I could then hear him playing in his room. As big and baby man had only just gone to bed themselves, I decided to leave him a bit longer in a hope not to wake them. Afterall, I could hear him learning phonics, so at least it was educational!

Clump flunk flunk he slid down the stairs on his bum. I looked up. "I need some glue."

"Why?" I asked.

"For my bed."

 Er no" I replied, wondering what DIY projects he had decided were necessary at 7.30pm. He walked into the kitchen. "I have a surprise!" he shouts as he bounds in ,


Finally after he had managed to quickly get a few grapes in his mouth, he went upstairs to bed.

What distraction tactics do your little ones have at bedtime? Are you up and down the stairs trying to put your little one to bed, or do they fall asleep the moment their head hits the pillow?

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  1. Lol, I heard someone say at the weekend "if you ever want to get your children to do a chore for you, ask them at bedtime!" - Meg has a number of tactics, each more random than the last. He does look cute though when he's sleeping next to his bus!

    1. Hey my house may actually be tidy if I do that - think I'll give it a go!

  2. Distraction techniques from my little one....
    "Mummy I need the toilet..."
    "Mummy I need a water..."
    "Mummy I need to put the toys away and tidy up!"

    1. lol we have the water one too. Strange how they want to tidy at bedtime but not the rest of the time x

  3. I need a drink.
    I'm hungry.
    I need a wee.
    I just need to know...what day is it tomorrow.
    Oh, I can't remember now.
    Just one more page of my book??
    I'm just not tired.

    The older he's got, the more inventive he's become...
    I've got bored eyes.
    My tummy is telling me it's breakfast time already.
    I forgot to wash my hands after I went to the toilet.

    I can't wait as he gets even older, then it'll be excuses to stay in bed!

  4. Oh my, we still have this now from my middle child (at the age of 11!) her tactics have moved on to : I need a drink of water, the TV is too loud, I can't sleep, I have an ulcer....you name it, she's tried it!

  5. Haha bless him! I love how they fight it even if they're really tired! We have the opposite problem atm, it's a fight to keep Princess up past 6pm, by 6.30 she's begging to go to bed!

  6. Ahh yes the distraction tactics. Bless. x

  7. I have one of each - it goes in cycles with GG, who will do anything to avoid sleep, including reading the back of her posters on the wall.

  8. Haha cheeky monkey! We are having this at the moment with our 3 year old!

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