Decorating an Easter Egg


Tuesday 26 March 2013

Decorating an Easter Egg

The Easter holidays are nearly upon us and once again, I am trying to remind myself not to believe everything I see on the internet. At half term I was sat at home with a poorly baby man, feeling bad that big man wasn't at the beach. Yes I am talking about February half term, but it seemed that all my facebook friends were out and about having fun in the freezing cold weather. I'm sure they did have fun, but I am sure it was cold too. Did big man feel bad that he hadn't done loads of exciting things? Nope he was pleased that he got to play Super Mario.

Like anything in life, people show you what they want you to see. Everyone can smile for a posed shot - and this may be why I favour natural shots these days.

The other problem with the internet is that it is full of ideas. This is great, but I am the kind of person that sees things, likes them and decides to do them without a second thought. I laughed at peoples stories about trying to make the massive ice marbles in the recent snowy weather. Balloons popping over the kitchen floor because they hadn't frozen in the garden. To be honest, it was lucky that I was too side tracked by my igloo building that I didn't have time to do these myself.

When big man came home with his school newsletter saying he could make an Easter Garden or decorate an egg for a school competition, I headed straight to the internet. Easter gardens seemed to involve making tombs and going outside to collect sticks and stones. It was cold and snowy so I started blowing some eggs. I asked big man if he would like to make chicks or a solar system. He chose the latter. What was I thinking?????

He is 5 and not at all crafty. He likes science. I had just shown him an exciting solar system consisting of 9 eggs!

That's a lot of scrambled egg!

Bless him, he did really well, and even when his Earth was slightly attacked by a wet orange painted
venus, he remarked "ah that is sand." He insisted that he used some black felt for the night sky, and decorated every egg himself. It has taken nealy a week to make, and I really am wondering why I thought it was a good idea. Maybe I should have given him some glue, feathers and some googly eyes and just left it at that!

Big man enjoyed making his solar system and is proud of it. If nothing else he has learnt about the names of the planets. Was it a lot of work, mess and egg eating for nothing? Well like the igloo, I think it is a one time only thing! Don't get me wrong it is a great idea and maybe when the boys are older I will change my mind and do it again, but getting all that glue, paint and paper out with middle man and baby man wanting to join in too was stressful. And my biggest worry - tomorrow, I have to get it in school in one piece.

And yes this is a posed photo!


  1. that is a amazing - I am well-impressed he made that!!!!

    Nikki x

    1. There was a lot of guidance! And I had to thread them and do saturns rings

    2. And now after seeing all the other entries, I am worried that he will need to be encouraged this much every year!

  2. Aww well done little man that's so good xx

    1. I'm proud that he saw it through. The last couple of eggs took some pushing to do!


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