Big man's hero


Monday 18 February 2013

Big man's hero

When I saw that Tots 100 and Moneysupermarket were running a "That's my hero!" competition, I really wanted to enter. As in, I wanted to enter not the kids! When I was little I loved doing drawing competitions.  Big man, however, isn't great at drawing and has a very limited concentration span with anything involving holding a pencil. I didn't think any more about entering.

This weekend hasn't gone quite to plan. Baby man has been ill, and our exciting first day of half term has been rearranged. Cue Mummy thinking how am I going to entertain big and middle man? Well here is big mans last minute entry to the competition.

I explained to him that a hero is someone, who is brave, has a great achievement and might have a special power.

 "Like Batman?" 

"Yeah that's the kind of thing" I replied.

"Can I draw baby man?"

"Yes - but why?"

"He can walk.

His special power is walking. Normally little people can't walk that easily but baby man can. 

I've drawn muscles. The muscles help your legs walk. I tried to draw a muscle in his head - but it didn't work very well. He has big ears so he can hear and so you can see them quiet well. He is lifting one leg up and balancing on one toe like I can do. But he can't do hopping yet, cause that's quite hard. Nanny can't hop.

You might not be able to see it very well so I will highlight it."

So here is big man's hero - baby man - with the special power of walking.

Today I have learn't that just because big man (aged 5) isn't the best at drawing, it doesn't mean I shouldn't let him have a go at competitions. His explanation of his picture is worth recording for him to look back on when he is older, and once again I am reminded of what a caring, sensitive little man I have.

This post is an entry into the Tots100 Moneysupermarket That's My Hero competition

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  1. Ah, that is the sweetest thing ever. It really will be lovely for them to look back and hear the story to go with the drawing.


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