Tap the cat


Wednesday 13 February 2013

Tap the cat

Tap the cat is an app from the makers of Reading Eggs. Big man has been using it, and I am pleased to say he likes it as much as I do. It compliments his learning at school and has a variety of tasks to keep him amused.

tap the cat

I really like the Making Words section. It shows a picture of the word, sounds it out and then the child drags and drops the letters. When big man was playing it earlier, I tried to help. "I know what to do Mummy!" was his response. And he did, so I left him to it.

I love the idea of the writing section. Although big man found it a little frustrating as it didn't always recognise he had written the letter. For me the best thing about it, was the fact that it encourages the child to write the letter in the correct way. Left to himself big man will draw a circle and a line to make a b. Which is fine, but won't help him with joined up writing in the future.

Big man particularly likes Speak and listen. This allows him to record himself reading a word. He is then given the answer and can play back his recording to see if he has got it right.

The only real downside of this app is that it is for the ipad only and not for the iphone or other android devices. However, I believe the Reading Eggs team have got some iphone apps in the pipeline, and they do have other apps available for a alternative devices. You can try out Eggy words 100 for free and upgrade to 250 if you like it.  If you have a child going into Reception next year and own an ipad, I would highly recommend Tap the Cat which is available from iTunes for £1.99.

We were given the app for the purpose of this review, but the opinions contained here are my own.

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