Middle man turns 3


Monday 11 February 2013

Middle man turns 3

I would love to tell you that after a lovely afternoon, I tucked middle man in bed, read him his 3 stories (Pirate, Train Driver and Fireman) and kissed him goodnight, wishing him a lovely nights sleep, on the last night he would be 2.

That would be a lie.

He had had the mother of all tantrums over a haircut - that he never ended up having. He went to bed early with only 1 story (Train Driver) and told that he would have no TV tomorrow.

Luckily as he turns 3 tomorrow the terrible twos will be over. Or at least that is what I am trying to convince myself. Now that middle man has been asleep for a couple of hours, I am remembering the gorgeous little pickle that I know and love - rather than the devil reincarnated that he sometimes appears to be. So Middle man here's a little poem for you x

Goodnight my gorgeous two year old
Go rest your weary head
Tomorrow you are a three year old
When you jump out of bed

This years gone far too quickly
You have grown into a boy
You love your Doc McStuffins
But don't like to share your toys

You raid the fridge for apples
You eat them all day long
I love that you get excited
When you think you're really strong

You try to be a big man
You say you're "scared" to get a cuddle
Whenever it's a rainy day
You love to jump in puddles

You tell me I'm you're best friend
Well you're my best friend too
I love you gorgeous middle man
Happy Third Birthday to you!

Linking up for Victoria's Prose for thought seeing as I haven't wrote a poem in years and I quite like this one!


  1. Lovely poem Lou x Faye

  2. That is such a lovely poem! Sorry to tell you the terrible twos just transform into something else, we're currently living with a threenager!

    1. Noooooooo I really don't remember big man being like this.

  3. How very cute! So pleased you managed to drudge up an ounce of nostalgia and emotion for your little boy, despite the bad day you've had! How I remember these days....I hope tomorrow is a better one and I'm sure he will be so excited that his lack of TV privileges wont matter a jot! If it's any consolation, by Tween has given me a hell of a day too - it doesn't get any easier!

  4. That's such a lovely poem! And that cake is epic :D

    Hope little man has a lovely birthday xx

  5. This is a great poem, one day your little man will read this and see what he really means to you and he'll know you were the best Mum :), thank you so much for linking up xx

    1. And I hope he had a wonderful birthday :) x

  6. Beautiful poem, hope he had a lovely birthday! If you enjoy reading and writing poetry, you should check out my Wednesday Words Linky. xx


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