Legoland Hotel in February


Thursday 21 February 2013

Legoland Hotel in February

This year, we decided against spending a fortune on middle man for a birthday party and instead decided to do something as a family and have some small party lunches. We celebrated with an overnight stay at Legoland Hotel. If you have read my blog before you will see that we go to Legoland a lot! We live nearby, have annual passes and the kids and I love it there. I had been wanting to go to the hotel ever since it opened, but couldn't justify the cost. Luckily as the park is closed for winter they had such a fantastic offer on, it was too hard to resist.

asleep outside Legoland hotel

We told middle man we were off swimming and made our way to the hotel for 3pm check in.
The reception is filled with Lego and has a fantastic mobile with models representing the rides in the park. We had booked a standard pirate room. We took the lift to the third floor and entered our room. The boys went slightly berserk! Not only did they have bunk beds, they has their own TV, fantastic carpet and their own Lego rat! I tried to take pictures of them but they wouldn't stay still.

bunk beds

We then hunted for treasure! Basically this involved counting pictures on the carpet in order to unlock a safe,  guarded by a monkey. Inside was a Lego Nemo and Lego magazine.

As we had said we were going swimming, we headed to the swimming pool. It was quite small and noisy but the boys loved the splash zone. They then swam in the bigger pool too. The changing rooms were busy, but I imagine this is only a real problem when the park is shut.

We then headed back up to our room for a hot chocolate and a play before heading down to the Brick Brothers restaurant for an all you can eat buffet. The kids (and adults) can colour on the paper tablecloths.

We had already been to the restaurant in the Summer when they had character dining, which was the only thing missing this time round. I had then hoped for a glass of wine at the bar whilst the boys played but the excitement had proved too much and they needed their beds.

We had a lovely weekend. And what was my favorite part? I just love the toilets!

toilets at Legoland Hotel

You have to wash your hands in the kids basin! I was pleased to be told that I looked amazing and they liked what I'd done with my hair! I suggested that my husband go in as he might learn how to compliment better! The hotel is really set up so that the children have a great time, and if you live an hour or so away, then it is worth looking into the cheaper deals they have out of season. If you are thinking of staying at the hotel, my main recommendation would be to call up to book, especially if you are an annual pass holder, as the annual pass discounts aren't available online.


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time :) x

  2. Looks like you had a great time and only down the road too - win win!

  3. I really want to take my son, we are pass holders so I might give them a call

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