Twinkl Winter Resources Review


Thursday 24 January 2013

Twinkl Winter Resources Review

I have three gorgeous boys. I love them very much but I don't really understand them that well. I was a girl who liked drawing, colouring inbetween the lines and who would make sure that the front page of any school exercise book was neat and tidy.

My boys are nothing like this! They are happier running around outside roaring. When big man started school this year, I spoke to his teacher. She advised the best thing to do was to get him learning without realizing he is doing it. She suggested lots of things that he would see as fun and not boring schoolwork. His recent homework was a scissor skills booklet from Twinkl. He loves it and it is improving his fine motor skills.

Having looked into the site further I am really impressed. It is aimed at teachers, home educators and parents. There are many free resources on offer, but for a small cost the premium membership gives you access to some amazing activities.

As big man's current school topic is weather, we checked out the winter resources on the site.  We started by going on a winter treasure hunt, spotting berries, trees and leaves. The boys had lots of fun. Big man claimed he could hear a robin, as he couldn't see one. The 10 minute walk to the shop took half an hour!

After our walk we went inside and tried some of their pencil control worksheets. Whilst, he will write the odd word, he was much happier drawing snowmen and the "tricky" log that a robin was sitting on. 

After lunch big man had a go at the weather forcast - it was obviously snowy!

Then we went outside and tried some more activity cards - here is big man making a triangle of sticks.

There are so many fabulous resources on here, you really need to go and have a look for yourself. I have bought a variety of writing and counting books for my boy to help him with school, but what I particularly liked about this website is that you can pick out activities that will reinforce the topics your child is learning at school or pre school. Our school teaches cursive writing, and the resources are available in this too, making it even more useful for helping middle man when he learns to write.
The premium membership cost £29.99 for a year, which enables the designers to create new resources, and I found this additional membership had the best activities to do with my boys. 

I can't wait to try out more of the activities. Big man is also learning about Chinese New Year this term, so we have watched a powerpoint presentation on how the Emperor chose the signs of the zodiac. I am learning too! 

We have been given access to the premium membership for the purpose of this review, but the opinions on here are my own.


  1. Love the concentration in the second photo! :o)

    1. Bless him, holding a pencil doesn't come easy to big man x

  2. Ah, I need some pencil control sheets myself, will take a look. I love the site too :)


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