My dream....


Wednesday 23 January 2013

My dream....

I had a dream. When I was a little girl, I watched Blue Peter. They were in a country filled with snow and a team of probably 20 people built an igloo. One day I thought, I will build one of those.

Fast forward about 30 years and I sat looking outside after lunch last Saturday, turned to my husband and shared my dream. "Do you think I could do it?" I asked. "No there's not enough snow" was his reply. It had snowed a lot. I saw his reply as a challenge. I decided to go and make my dream come true.

Armed with an ikea step stool and a carving knife I went out into the garden to start my igloo building adventure.

I worked hard. And then I might have got a bit distracted.

And then I had to make a snowman. As you can see my heart wasn't in it. I had an igloo on my mind.

I went back to my igloo. I was out there so long big man came to help. I had made the igloo slightly bigger than I had intended, Big man was now keen and eager to help me finish it. Middle man came out. "What is it Mummy?" I explained it was a snow house. "Where's the door?" "It doesn't have one." "You must make a door!" he replied.

Daylight was against us, so we went inside, keen to prove Daddy wrong the next day.

Sunday morning, I got distracted again

Then after lunch big man and I got to finishing our snow den.

I decided that it wasn't worth making a small hole. Mainly, because I am a bit claustrophobic and didn't want to freak out inside my creation.

Secondly, I have a middle man!

So here is our finished igloo (or ice cave might be a better description)

So I had a dream. After the best part of 6 hours I realised that dream. Was it worth it? Probably not. Was big man happy with it - yes - so maybe it was worth it.

So what have I learnt from this adventure? 1. Blue Peter, glamorised the act of igloo making. 2. Igloo making isn't as easy as you would think 3.If for some reason our family gets stranded in a snowy area - I can make a shelter for us in a day (providing I carry an ikea step stool and carving knife with me at all times.) Would I recommend you to have a go? No. Will I do it again? "We can make one every year!" said big man - I guess that means yes.


  1. Oh wow, you were very determined. :) I love your igloo!!

  2. Oh wow that is amazing! I want to build one! Not enough snow :O(

  3. I love this! We have had no snow this year but in 2010 when we last saw snow the kids built an igloo. It is there dream to do it again if we ever see snow! I will use yours as an inspiration till then! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids from a sunny snow free Cornwall!

    1. That's the thing - how often do you get enough snow for an igloo. Hopefully never again!

  4. Good effort! There's a bona fide igloo in our town that someone has built and is trying to sell for charity. It even has a 'for sale' estate agent's sign on it!!

  5. Very impressed for seeing it through and not giving up!

  6. That is a very impressive structure... I think you did a really fine job


  7. Ha ha, love it! As you know, we did build an igloo one year - I will pop a photo on facebook sometime, just for you!

  8. The snow here is so soft and fluffy it won't really stick together! We just about managed a snowman with the help of a rather large spade. Your igloo/ice cave looks superb... it's made me want to make one too x

  9. I think it's a fantastic igloo! Bet they absolutely loved that! :)

  10. That is very impressive! Lovely photo story! Love how you kept getting distracted! Fab igloo and snowman! Thanks for linking up! x

  11. Fantastic igloo, what a fun idea!

  12. OMG this is fantastic. Love your igloo. I love snow and have only attempted snowmen or animals but on the last day of our snow my son asked me to build an igloo. The snow was turning to slush and slowly fading away so next time we get some its my mission to build one. 6 hours, eeek its going to be hard. Well done for sticking with it.

    Thanks for Linking up with Mummybird x


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