Sunday 13 January 2013


Up a pound this week - not a surprise. A friend did talk some sense into me though. She has been losing weight over a few years and has done a fantastic job. She only has a few more pounds to go, but is finding those last ones the hardest. She is maintaining her weight really well, and said that when she gets those last few off she should be fine. I had never thought of it like this before. Over the Christmas period I have watched what I have eaten, but have still eaten nice things. I have pretty much maintained my weight - swaying up and down a pound. So, I don't have to cut back forever - which I was starting to feel. I would be quite happy eating as I have been eating, so just need to shed those last few pounds first.

This week my husband is working away. This is a perfect time for me to slip up. In an effort not to, there is a freezer full of weight watchers meals for one! As I can't make the gym, I will aim to do the school run once a day.

Don't forget to check out my weight loss pals and help motivate them too.


  1. Good luck with the Mr being away and no gym, maybe do a workout at home? x

    1. I love the idea of that - just after getting all three of them to bed - I generally just want to sit and eat chocolate! Do have some DVD's tucked away somewhere and everyone keeps telling me the 30 day shred is good.....

  2. One pound is nothing, you'll soon be back on track. Good luck for next week x


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