Good Intentions


Sunday 9 December 2012

Good Intentions

Wednesday started badly with the wii telling me there was no weight change this week. It wasn't a great surprise, but I thought I must try harder. I ate my breakfast and then my day turned into a sketch of Outnumbered which if I had watched, I would have found far fetched.

I shut the door to go off to school and realised I had locked myself out. I went to the keybox and saw that it was empty. I had taken the spare key out a few weeks ago and not replaced it! I couldn't get hold of my husband. Luckily as it was big man's nativity, a friend looked after the boys and then made us lunch on a very cold day. 

After school, I thought I would take the boys to the local soft play to have a run around and tea. By this time Daddy would be home from his meeting a few hours away with his spare key. Then I heard a Tanoy call for me. I rushed to the front desk where big man was in floods of tears. I panicked. What was wrong? "I'm really hungry Mummy!" 

Not only had big man put a call out because he was a bit peckish, he had put a call out infront of his brother - the fridge raider! I am now expecting regular calls being put out whenever we go out from middle man who's decided he fancies a biscuit or a packet of crisps!

We ordered food and as all the spaghetti bolognase had sold out - I had chicken burger, chips and mayo - and I didn't care! Then I had a call from my husband. He was on his way. But he also told me something that I wished I had know 8 hours earlier.
"You do know that you have a back door key on your keyring, don't you!?!"

Middle man then tried to walk out of the soft play centre with another giant sized Rudolph because it looked like the one his Aunt had bought him!

So all in all, not the best day, but big man was the cutest and happiest sheep I have ever seen.

Wot So Funee?


  1. we got locked out recently too!! and hubby did hour and half journey home only to realise he didn't have a key either! i love the call-out from hungry boy. yes very cute sheep. i'm looking forward to seeing my boy as a Star in his production! B

    1. Oh no what a nightmare xx Xmas plays are good fun x

  2. Aw he is a cutie! And I think the best way to deal with a trauma is to spend all day playing and indulging in junk food! Well done you!


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