A rainy day out


Saturday 29 December 2012

A rainy day out

We chose possibly the wettest day this year to take a trip to Longleat Safari Park. Luckily big man was prepared. Mummy was not, as she had forgotton to pack big man's coat. Luckily we were meeting friends and they had a spare!

Rainy day longleat

We started the day by heading to the batcave. On the way big man spotted The Snowman and rushed up to have a cuddle.

We all really enjoyed the Batcave. Once I realised that the bats weren't going to fly into me, it was great to watch them flying around and eat fruit.

We then had a walk through Jungle Kingdom and our friends tested out the first aiders when their little boy fell over and cut his head. Luckily all was fine and staff were helpful. Hungry, we headed off to eat in the Tropical Storm Cafe. It was busy, but it was lunch time and raining. The food was really nice and the frequent "tropical storms" kept the boys amused and looking at the ceiling.

We then decided that baby man was due for a nap and thought that this would coincide well with the safari.We were given a CD commentary to listen to as we drove around. After many stories of monkeys pulling apart cars, we decided to bypass them. Instead we decided to stop and look at the Ostriches. And then they came over to have a look at us! And a peck at the car too! Baby man was oblivious to the fact that an Ostrich thought he should wake up!

I was really impressed at how well you could see the tigers and lions - if a little worried about if they came any nearer. They seemed to be good at crossing the road. The CD made me giggle when it said that male lions were only really useful in looking good and fathering young.


You are able to recycle your CD at any of the retail outlets in Longleat. We didn't do this, and I wished I had. Although the CD is very informative, big man keeps asking to listen to it on repeat play in the car. I am sure that it must be confusing to baby man that he is meant to be seeing lions out of the window and all he can see is office blocks!

After the safari we headed to the Postman Pat Village. My boys have never really got into Postman Pat, so I was quite shocked at how much they liked this area. Although it is now looking a bit tired and worn, they loved pressing the buttons that made the characters move and talk.

Next we headed off to Longleat House. The buggy park is a long walk from the entrance of the house, but once inside, they had hip rests available to help you carry your baby around - which was a real help. As it's Christmas, the house was full of decorations and pantomime characters. Personally, I always get a bit bored walking round houses like this, but the addition of pantomime dames playing jokes on you and princes and Cinderella dancing Gangnam style, certainly makes it more entertaining - if a little bizarre. (No pictures can be taken inside the house - so you will just have to visit it yourself.)

We ended the day watching a musical Christmas tree show. Christmas songs played whilst the lights danced around on the massive Christmas Tree in the grounds. Then thoroughly wet through, but having had a great day, we headed home.

There was so much to do at Longleat, we weren't able to do everything in one day, so will just have to go back again for another visit. You can pay extra to see Santa, and there is an ice rink at the front of the house in winter too.

We were given 2 adult and 2 child tickets by Moneysupermarket so that we could do this review, and they have a range of days out money-off vouchers. I would not have thought of going to Longleat at this time of year before this, but rather than stay inside in the warm, it was actually fun to get out and about on such a wet day. The ticket prices, are also reduced to reflect that it is winter.


  1. Hope you've had a lovely Chirstmas Louise!

    1. Had a lovely time thanks Nikki! Hope you had fun too and Happy New Year!

    2. Yes, has been lovely. I'm looking forward to 2013 now. Happy New Year!

  2. It looks like you had a lovely (if damp!) day :)

    1. It was lovely (if damp) and so much to do we will have to go back again. Don't think you could ever get it all done in a day.


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