Meeting Santa, Peppa and George


Thursday 13 December 2012

Meeting Santa, Peppa and George

Santa and Peppa pig sleigh

Meeting Father Christmas can be expensive. I love the look of Lapland UK, but as I would have to sell a kidney to enable us to go, that was off the cards this year. After a lot of looking at reviews on the web I settled for going to Peppa Pig World (aka Paulton's Park.) It was fantastic, so I thought I would let you all know about it, if you are considering it for next year. I was particularly happy that I was able to ride Georges Dinosaur ride - something I didn't manage to do last time. Middle man was very excited by seeing all his favourite characters.

George's Dinosaur ride

Tickets aren't cheap. It came in at just under £100 for us - 2 adults a five year old, 2 year old and 1 year old. However, included in the price is a full days entry to the park. (Realistically as it is December and cold, I don't think you would find many people spending an entire day there.) Not all the rides were open, but Peppa Pig world itself was pretty much running as usual. We had visited the park once before on the day of the Royal Wedding. We had had a great time, but queue times for the Peppa rides had been in the range of 30-40 mins. This time, it was 5-10 minutes at most. Just before meeting Father Christmas, the boys were very excited that Peppa and George were out and about greeting their guests.

Meeting George Pig

We were particularly lucky with the weather. We drove down just after lunch, went on loads of rides and then saw Santa at 4.45 on our way out of the park. (You pre-book your time with Father Christmas when you book your tickets.) The Winter Wonderland itself, had rooms of animated animals and Christmas songs playing which the boys loved. To me it was like a Christmas version of "It's a small world!" 

Winter wonderland at Peppa Pig World

We then went to see Santa, who knew the boys' names, and unlike loads of places you were able to take your own photos, and weren't fleeced into buying any. The presents were good - a draughts game, shape sorting bus and a soft toy for baby man.

Santa at Peppa Pig World

We had a fantastic time. The weather helped, but the queue times alone made it an enjoyable experience with small children. If you have some Peppa and George fans, they would not be disappointed.

Where are you seeing Santa this year? Is it worth recommending or not? Has anyone been to Lapland UK and if so, should I be saving up for next year? 


  1. Looks like you had a fab time. I would love to take Princess but just can't afford it.

    We went to a garden centre to see Santa this year but she was scared of him (as I expected) so didn't get much experience of it. Hopefully next year will be different x

  2. These things are so expensive. We had planned to go in the summer but the weather was bad we didn't, so it worked out well in the end.

    We did a garden centre a couple of years ago which was basically a shed. They were charging a tenner for the photo. We didn't get it as me and my husband were smiling and big man was terrified!

  3. Looks fab, mine would LOVE it but really is too expensive an option with 4!! xx


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