Uses of VELCRO® #5: Sticking things on the wall

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Uses of VELCRO® #5: Sticking things on the wall

If you look at the #101uses you will see that other bloggers have used VELCRO® to hang pictures up - the heavy duty one will hold up to 15kg! I didn't have any pictures that needed hanging, but I did have this decoupage lizard - it had previously had some sticky pads that decided not to stick anymore. And here it is creeping up my wall. 

Then I went up to big mans room. His Auntie bought him a no trespassing sign when she was on holiday. Now he has it displayed on his wall, but also at easy reach. 

Using VELCRO® stick on tape means that he can easily take it off and hang it on his door if he thinks he needs some time alone. Yes this is my just turned 5 year old. What will he be like when he is a teenager? 

We were sent a box of VELCRO® products for the challenge. Follow other peoples uses on twitter using #101uses.

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