Uses of VELCRO® #4: A pen when you need it


Wednesday 28 November 2012

Uses of VELCRO® #4: A pen when you need it

We have a whiteboard in the kitchen. The idea is that you write down what you need when you have run out of it. The problem is that it never came with a pen holder! Nine times out of ten I don't write down what we need because there is no dry wipe pen. Well those days are now gone, as the VELCRO® has come out again. This time in the form of "super slim stick on" Hey presto - I now know where the pen is. And as you can see I should probably be doing an internet grocery shopping order from the length of that list, rather than blogging. 

We were sent a box of VELCRO® products for the challenge. Follow other peoples uses on twitter using #101uses.

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