Tractor Girl

Friday, 9 November 2012

Tractor Girl

This week, reading Misty's post about gender stereotyping got me thinking. My boys are usually dressed in blue and usually play with boys toys. Having said that, they like play food - which seems to be mainly focused on girls, and big man's sweet shop from Argos definitely had a sticker on it saying that it was a girls toy! Maybe boys aren't meant to eat sweets or pretend to be a shop keeper, who knows!?! Whenever we go to a friends house who has girls, my boys head straight to the dolls and prams. They don't have any of their own as given the choice they will choose a stereotypical boys toy for themselves. When I say they haven't got any dolls, I haven't included Tractor Girl.

Tractor Girl is actually mine. Why my husband thought I would want a furry faced Ipswich mascot when he went to a football game many years ago, I will never know. Men sometimes buy strange things. I was talking to a girl last night whose husband bought her a knife on their Wedding cut the cake. Anyway Middle man has currently become obsessed with my dolly. This morning he told her that he loved her and had missed her. I barely got a hello. Should I stop him carrying a doll and make him carry a car? I don't think so. He is very sweet with his dolly and at least he is showing her some affection as he isn't keen on showing any to baby man. Will it influence his sexuality? I don't think so. Will it mean he brings home a furry faced lady? Hopefully not.

My questions for today are, do your children play with toys that are aimed at the opposite sex, and what is the strangest gift your partner has bought you?


  1. Thanks for linking my post Hun.
    It's strange how society try to imply certain toys are wrong. It's like the whole Mickey/Minnie mouse thing. Mickey is in the boys section of Argos whilst Minnie is in the girls.. Scarlett much prefers Mickey. She has no interest in Minnie at all. I don't see how that's wrong?

    I love Tractor girl, she's a looker!

  2. Well I won't continue my rant from Misty's post yesterday but we have toys for both genders in our house and both get played with equally as much by both Meg and Eli (if that makes sense?!?). I agree, Tractor Girl is a looker!!

    Strangest present I was ever given by my OH, dishwasher tablets for valentines day. We don't have a dishwasher...!!

  3. I've read your rant sweetie :-)I would have taken that he was going to buy me a dishwasher if I got dishwasher tablets? Its like giving someone keys to a car cause the cars too big to wrap x

    1. Ha well I'm still waiting for it to materialise. Maybe I should hold him to it!!

  4. Tehe men do buy odd the story about the one who brought the knife for his wife. Lol clearly didn't think that through! I dnt have kids but my mum's a childminder and encourages both genders to be involved in what may be classed as a boy/girls toy. Heyyyy one year I remember getting a doll, nurses outfit, garage and cars for my birthday whilst younger because that's what I liked :-)