Hot Dots Review


Friday 2 November 2012

Hot Dots Review

I am so happy that now that big man has started school he has started to take an interest in learning. He has always been inquisitive but is now interested in reading, writing and mathematics. We were recently sent Hot Dots to review by Learning Resources. It is an electronic pen that can be used with the Hot Dots flash cards. We were given the numbers and counting pack which is aimed at ages 3-6 years. The pack contains cards which cover counting, sequencing and matching.

Both middle and big man have enjoyed using the hot dots pen and cards. Middle man (who is 2 3/4) needs help and can only really attempt the counting ones at the moment. Once explained to big man, he was able to recognise each task and complete them independently. Below is a photo showing a selection of tasks you will find in this box.

I really like this product. It's only downside is that your child has to hit the dot on the right answer. If they miss and hit the box which contains the dot, it will tell them that it is wrong, which can cause some confusion. Big man has enjoyed using it, and has even asked if he can take it into school to show his teacher. He is able to complete most of the tasks on his own, after I explained what it was asking him. You need to buy the pen and cards separately.

In my opinion this is a good learning tool to reinforce what your child has learnt in the classroom. I will be purchasing some extra sets of cards. First on my list is the Beginning Science set as big man is very excited about the science set that Father Christmas is getting him and this will compliment it nicely. I would like to add that Father Christmas has already purchased the Primary Science Lab Kit which is also from Learning Resources and it is great for a 5 year old, with chunky test tubes and beaker.

I was sent the Hot Dots pen and Number and Counting pack for the purpose of the review, but all the opinions contained here are my own. I would like to add that before children I was a Science teacher and this is why I am so excited that big man has asked for a science set for Christmas.

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