How to make Christening Cake Pops


Saturday 6 October 2012

How to make Christening Cake Pops

As I have explained previously, I have a bee in my bonnet on making cakes for my children. I know I can buy them from a shop for less than half the price, but I feel the need to make my own. For baby man's christening I decided that I wanted to make cake pops too! They aren't the easiest things to make and I had a few attempts to start with. What I can recommend is that you purchase all the correct stuff. I used the cake pop sticks and bags from Hobbycraft and I purchased the  Renshaw candy melts from Lakeland. The frosting was Betty Crocker's. You can use chocolate instead of candy melts but the finished product is better if you use the melts and I found they stuck much better to the lolly sticks. As it was a christening I went for the white melts and blue sugar strands as I have a baby man.

So here is my quick guide, if you fancy trying them yourself.

After making them I swore never again. They are fiddly and time consuming but look really pretty and taste really good. And now that a couple of weeks have past I have forgotton all the hassle of making them and am thinking about making them for baby man's birthday!

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  1. Wow! This is pretty interesting! I love to try this soon. Yummy pops!


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