Reason #1 why we can't have a pet

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Reason #1 why we can't have a pet

I have a long list of reasons as to why we can't have a pet at the moment. When I was small, I really really really wanted a rabbit. Dad said no. I now understand why. Pets are hard work. We had a goldfish and he even tried committing suicide twice! Pets require a lot of looking after. Three little men are hard enough, but I couldn't cope with a pet added into the equation at the moment. They need, feeding, cleaning, entertaining and from recent experience we aren't even able to care properly for a cake!

I am a member of the local community facebook group and had watched other Mums talking about the friendship cake known as Herman. When my friend offered me a piece of him I leapt at the chance. A piece of cake that me and big man could care for - how hard could it be? The answer: very!

To start with here is a summary of the simple instructions that my friend gave me:
Days 1,2 and 3 stir Herman with a wooden spoon 2-3 times a day
Day 4 feed Herman ( milk, flour and sugar)
Days 5-8 stir and talk to Herman
Day 9 feed him
Day 10 split into mini Hermans and pass onto your friends and use one portion to make a cake.

Sounds simple doesn't it?

It wasn't. For a start the normally imaginative big man became star struck talking to Herman - "What should I say to him Mummy?" Anything, tell him about your day I said. "Hello Herman, how are you today?" big man pipes up -"Mmmmmnnnn you do realise he can't reply?" I say.

Then you are meant to stir him three times a day - mmmmnnnn maybe once is ok?

Hubbie pipes up with - hmmmmnn so the idea is that you grow some salmonella and then pass it to 4 of your friends? He might well be correct here, but there was something satisfying about unknowingly feeding him some Herman and hearing him say how nice he tasted! (Similar to serving him Shepherd's pie made with smash!)

I don't eat dried fruit so I thought that this might stop me from eating our new friend Herman  - no such chance - you can pick out the dried fruit and oh my he is tasty!

So what have I learnt from Herman? 1. It is not time for us to have a pet - I can bearly remember to stir and feed this one. 2. Big man clearly thinks I have lost it, asking him to talk to a cake, 3. Pets taste good! So I think we can safely say we should not have a pet in the near future!



  1. the difference between pets and Hermans is that pets will remind you if you don't feed them and talk back to you (well a goldfish might struggle but anything more vocal will).

  2. We had Herman and he was surprisingly delicious! I wouldn't normally touch anything that had been handled by kids but I reckon the oven would have killed any such germs.....tell me it did! Great post, thanks for linking up :)