I Made This Meme


Monday 3 September 2012

I Made This Meme

Mellow Mummy is running a "I made this" meme competition. Obviously the best things I have ever made are my three gorgeous boys.

Before I had children I had spare time! I used to scrapbook and do crafty things. I have just about managed to finish middle mans first year scrapbook, but baby mans is so far empty. Looking after three little ones makes it hard to find time to make things - and entering the world of blogging also takes away some of that time too - although I see it as my online scrapbook. I do, however, enjoy making my children's birthday cakes. I don't know why but I feel that it is part of my role as a mother to do this, but I do. Don't get me wrong, if you go to the supermarket and buy a cake I don't look down at you at all. You are very sensible infact. It is generally a lot cheaper to but a cake than it is to make one yourself, and it must make the stress levels before a party much better. However, I have something in me that says I am a mum, I must bake a cake! Each time I make one, they get slightly better. The only problem is that my 4 year olds requirements get more complicated. So here are the Birthday cakes I have made for my boys in the last 5 years

Big man's first birthday cake was a bit of a cheat. I was working part time and I bought the cake itself and iced it. He liked dinosaurs, I liked sweets so both were incorporated. I was still working when he was 2 but I felt braver. His favourite book at the time was the tiger that came to tea, so I made a tiger's head. I do have photos of these but since Hubbie has backed up the computer I can't find them! So for now we will have to start from when big man turned 3.

For his third birthday he had become more demanding and had opinions. He wanted a crocodile cake with the crocodile swimming through a mud pond of fudge and jelly snakes!

crocodile cake

Then came middle man's birthday. Middle man loves his food so it had to be a cookie monster cake.

cookie monster cake

Then came big man's fourth birthday - a red and green snake. I had to draw a picture for him so he could say if he liked the idea or not - luckily he did.

snake cake

Then middle man was 2. He loved Fireman Sam so I had to make a fire engine cake. It was my first attempt at a 3D cake and it looked fine. (Well it did from a distance.....)

Fireman sam cake

However, he had Octonauts toys for his birthday so I had to make some cupcakes too. These are by far my best creation, but I do feel that I have raised the bar too high. Middle man now thinks all cupcakes should be "octo-cakes" and I am not sure that I can do any better than this.

ocutonauts cupcakes,kwazi, dashi, barnacles, tweak, shellington

I would like to point out that I never intended on making Dashi, Shellington and Tweak. The orange for Kwaazi went wrong and I am not sure how I ended up with the green for Tweak. Any normal person would have stopped here and been pleased with these cupcakes. Unfortunately I am obsessive in nature so I had to bake some more cakes so that I wasn't missing Prof Inkling and Tunip. I don't know if the boys appreciated this extra effort but it enabled me to sleep at night!

octonauts cupcakes, inkling, tunip

Big man now wants a cherry almond smurf village for his 5th so keep posted to see if it all goes well or if it ends up being a blue mess disaster! With three children I have a lot of baking to do!

As it is a meme I am going to tag my friend Nikki who I know makes loads of lovely things and Jane who has just started a blog full of her lovely handmade children's clothes. Both of them should be proud of the things they have made.

Mellow Mummy I Made This Meme


  1. all awesome CAKES! I particularly love the octo-cakes. i think i also have the same in-built mummy gene which means i must bake birthday cakes.

    1. Glad it is not just me! So far I think they have got better each time but think I may have reached my peak now!

  2. Oooo they all look scrummy!! I wish I could bake well, is love to be able to do this. I just don't have the patience haha. They really are fantastic x

  3. There are some pretty amazing cakes there! Although I a not a natural in the kitchen making my children's cakes is important to me too and I may be copying the croc idea!

  4. It is lovely seeing their excitement over a special cake you have made - even if it does only last a few minutes before they are then wanting to eat it x

  5. I can make cakes that taste light and delicious, Im sure my 6 yr old grandson has more talent to decorate and I seriously let the baking talent down with the end result

  6. Wow they are brilliant cakes, I especially like the Fire Engine and the Octonauts, I shall make sure I don't let my children see your blog in case they get ideas for what Mummy can do next year ;)


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