Big man starts "big" school.


Tuesday 11 September 2012

Big man starts "big" school.

Today big man started big school - or infant school as most people call it. I am not sure where the last five years have gone! I was worried I would be in a pool of tears, but how can you cry when your little man is beaming from ear to ear and so proud that he is going to "big" school. As you can see his jumper now fits and he is striking a pose that is far too much like that of his father for my liking!

So on his first day at school, what words of advice can I pass onto him?

Firstly, I have told him to try and learn peoples names. He has never been very good at this and gets upset when other children don't respond to him when he is calling them by the wrong name!

Secondly, the teacher is always right - even when they are not. If he is getting told off for something that he perceives isn't his fault then he is probabley doing something wrong anyway and just do as the teacher says. He can always speak to the teacher later if he needs too.

And last but no means least be the happy gorgeous little boy that I know and love so much.
Good luck big man and I hope you are filled with smiles in a few hours time xx


  1. Oh Lou!!! He looks so happy! I hope my little man is the same tomorrow xxx

  2. Ah Louise, that's lush! Such lovely and wise words. Bet he's had a ball xx


  3. He is loving it - even if he cant. Remember what he has done.

  4. Bless him. I honestly don't think they do remember, they're not just doing it to be annoying! I hope his enthusiasm continues :)

    1. Good because he also doesn't know who he has played with and I hope he isn't sitting there by himself.

  5. Aw this is a lovely post, I'm dreading my eldest starting nursery in Sept, but you are right how can you cry when they are so excited about it.


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