My boys must have toys


Monday 20 August 2012

My boys must have toys

Summer is finally here, the children are having fun in the park and the ice cream van is selling 99's at a much greater cost than 99p. I have just been charged a whopping £6 for a two scoop ice cream. Even the seller confessed that "It is quite expensive.....but that is O.K. because it's pretend Mummy."

My boys love to role play. Their favourite and most used toy is their play food collection. I say collection as we have a vast array of different food to enable their restaurant to serve the delights of peach and ham soup and other mouthwatering combinations. Maybe they will one day rival Heston Blumenthal with their unusual ideas. However, now the sun is out they are enjoying playing with their ice cream set from ELC costing £8.

The set contains a variety of cones and tubs along with nine scoops of ice cream, a scoop and a spoon. They all have velcro on them so that they can be built up as desired. There are 4 different ice cream flavours, strawberry, chocolate, mint choc chip and a purple coloured one that my boys have decided must be blueberry. At first glance the £8 price tag may seem a little steep, but for the hours of enjoyment and learning through role play that my boys have had, it has been more than worth it. Here's a glimpse of them playing this afternoon.

This is part of my application to become a Toys R Us Toyologist 


  1. Just love this video - fab stuff! xx

    Alison x

  2. Thanks! It certainly illustrates middle mans love of food - even if it is pretend!

  3. excellent. shame we dont have ELC here! looks like alot of fun. I bet middle man is the main consumer!

    1. Middle man often takes the role of Chef whilst big man is the waiter. Unfortunately sometimes the waiting staff serve the food before chef is happy for it to be sent out!


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