Mischievous Monday - Week 4

Monday, 27 August 2012

Mischievous Monday - Week 4

Well here is my last Mischievous Monday link. I would love to say that middle man has stopped his mischief making - but that would be a lie! I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts - and a big thank you for linking up and letting me know that I am not alone with having a mischief maker and not always talking to myself on my blog! It was a hard decision, but last weeks mischief maker is to go to Misty and her gorgeous little girl. A simple but lovely post.

This week I want to show you my new dog! If you have been here before you may have read that I am scared of dogs. It all stems back to an overweight and over friendly Labrador named Benji and my sister teasing another dog that decided to attack me when I tried to give him his ball back. This dog, however, is well behaved and goes by the name of Pattersley.

Yep middle man has decided he is a dog. Strangely when in dog mode he is better behaved than in middle man mode. Earlier he was playing with some slime at the table. I called him and there was no response. I shouted Pattersley and there was an immediate turn and a woof! Big man has been encouraging doggie behaviour by throwing things and getting Pattersley to fetch them! This was fine until middle man came bounding up to me with a stick in his mouth! Apparently dogs can speak as long as there is a woof at the beginning and end of the sentance. "Woof, stroke my nose, woof." Sometimes, however, middle man also morphs into "Kitty" the cat "meeeeeooooooowww!" Is this usual behaviour? Big man never did this. How many more animals will I have in my house. At least middle man isn't weeing up trees - well not yet!

Please link up if you have a mischief maker too!

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