Mischievous Monday - week 2


Monday 13 August 2012

Mischievous Monday - week 2

If you haven't seen last weeks link up please go and have a look. There are some funny posts, and I found it much harder than I thought to choose a winning post. So I ended up asking Hubbie to help me choose and we finally decided The Crumby Mummy's story was a worthy winner. The prize being the satisfaction that you made my husband and me laugh and a badge below that you can display if you wish!

And so for this weeks post. Middle man has been a nightmare with bed times this week. Maybe it is because it is hot, maybe it is because it is light, or maybe it is just because he is a mischief maker. As usual when it was me left to put him to bed by myself then he played up even more. Here are the facebook status' I wrote whislt repeatedly going up and down the stairs.

Middle man has 2 new phrases "I can't Mummy" and "No way" neither of which I enjoy hearing whilst trying to get him to go to sleep

And now another thing I don't want to hear from big man "Mummy middle man is having a dance party!"

It was at this point that I decided that it was probably best to bring middle man downstairs so that he wasn't keeping big or baby man awake. Big man was actually saying he was tired! So I thought if I ignored him and the TV was off, he would get bored and go to bed. I didn't think about locking the playroom!

And he is now having some kind of music talent show! Why did I move all the musical instruments and bring them to his attention? And why did I ask my Aunt to buy him a trumpet? I am starting to question my sanity.

Ahhhhh electronic bongo drums what was I thinking!?!

Does this look like a tired boy to you?

And then everything got better. Daddy came home!

Yey! Daddy's home! He can sort out the mischief maker!

Anyone else having trouble getting their kids to sleep at the moment? Do you have a mischeif maker post you can share?


  1. Great photo of him with the trumpet! :0) Thanks for choosing me. I will sort out the badge when I am on the laptop. Happy Monday! x

  2. I had to link up this this after the day I've had with my boys! Thank you :)


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