London 2012 and some Wenlock spotting!


Tuesday 7 August 2012

London 2012 and some Wenlock spotting!

On Sunday hubbie, big man and I went to watch the gymnastics at the Greenwich arena. I had been very "Bah Humbug" about going until a few days earlier when the Olympic bug finally bit! We finished lunch earlier than expected so had 10 minutes to spare to go on the hunt for some of the giant Wenlock and Mandeville statues that are dotted around the city. I was over the moon to have found three!

We then headed off to the gymnastics. I would be lying if I said we couldn't get any higher up - there was one row behind us! We watched men's floor, women's vault and then the most exciting - men's pummel. The crowd went wild for Max Whitlock and Louis Smith. Unfortunately, so did big man. At first he started screaming like a ghost and then he started crying because it was a bit too noisy.  He also loudly announced, as Max was about to start, that he needed a poo!

It was great to be at a medal ceremony with 2 team GB medals - even if Louis just missed out on Gold. Big man particularly liked the Sky TV 3D TV outside the arena  - because he got to wear a pair of glasses! The person that deserves a medal more than anyone is my sister for looking after our other two lovelies.

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