Thursday 30 August 2012


Middle man is at it again. Time for bed I say. Does he say yes Mummy and run up the stairs to get his favourite book? No he climbs in a picnic basket complete with Mickey and Donald and snuggles up!

I manage to coax him out only for him to find another sleeping spot. I ask him to move "I can't" He is clearly too tired to walk up the stairs.

Too tired that is until I get him into his bedroom and then it's playtime! Where is the strangest place your child has tried to have a sleep?


  1. Replies
    1. mmmmmnnnn cute wasn't the word going through my head at the time. I was in disbelief he had got into the basket!

  2. My son actually loves lying on the bottom step of the stairs and won't go anywhere without his Mickey Mouse (and my cardi which he drags around as his adopted blankie!)

    A basket though... that's impressive! (and yes, it's cute!)



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