You make me smile week 3


Tuesday 3 July 2012

You make me smile week 3

It is on days like today that I like this linky. Over the last couple of days big and middle man have been driving me mad. However, now looking back at the photos I took last week, they don't seem as bad. The fact that they are now in bed and I have poured a glass of wine probably helps too!

Baby man flying - the smiles just make me smile

Big man doing his own puppet shows. "Say hello to Barnacles! What was that? - I can't hear you!"

Big man doing potions: On sat it was big man's pre school's fete. I couldn't help but buy the grow your own crystal set for myself  big man. Excitedly we got home and set it up. Big man loved his potions and I loved his way of describing it.

I am linking up with the lovely Bex at the mummy adventure.

You make me smile


  1. I remember making potions with shampoo, perfume and anything else expensive in the bathroom when I was younger, hopefully the crystal set will save your supplies! Thanks for linking up and some lovely photos! x

  2. If only - we have had to have some talks about the cost of bubble bath!


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