The Naughty Spot


Sunday 22 July 2012

The Naughty Spot

Middle man is two. They call them terrible for a reason! I know he is just learning boundaries, but at the moment it feels like endless tantrums and a lot of time spent on the naughty spot. The biggest problem I have at the moment is staying angry at him when he is there. The trouble is, he knows how to work people. As I have mentioned before he has the most gorgeous eyes - and they turn into puppy dog eyes the moment he is moved towards the naughty spot. The bottom lip comes out to show that he is sorry. Then he puckers up one eye opened one eye closed and leans in for a kiss. He generally makes my heart melt and spends nowhere near the 2 minutes on his spot.

This week I went to visit my parents and had a lovely time. On the whole the boys were good - except for waking in the middle of the night hoping it was morning. Middle man did find himself on the naughty spot however, for banging the TV. I asked him what he had done wrong, "I bang TV" I then asked him what he should do. "I say sorry." Excellent he was doing so well. "Go on then" I said and looked over to my Mum and Dad where I was expecting him to go to do his apologies. He ran in the opposite direction. Towards the TV. "Sorry TV" he muttered as he puckered up to kiss it. 

Wot So Funee?


  1. Brilliant!!! I love him!

  2. haha. he sounds like such a little character! lovely story x

    1. Character is the polite word I use to describe him!

  3. Cute! They get us everytime!

  4. Very cute. My daughter drops her bottom lip too. Very hard to keep a stern face!


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