Summer Holiday Bucket List

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Summer Holiday Bucket List

building sandcastles
So this is the last summer holiday until big man starts school and I have no idea where the time has gone. Therefore this holiday mustn't be wasted. Hence, this bucket list. We have a couple of family visits scheduled but here is a list of some other things that I would like to do with the boys before big man starts school in September

1. Go to Wellington Country Park
2. Have a Dinosaur Day
3. Have a Space Day
4. Build big man a puppet theatre
5. Have a road trip with the boys (ie visit my friends in Bristol and Cardiff)
6. Go to Legoland
7. Have a mini Olympics party
8. Take the boys on a donkey ride  well big man had one - middle man was asleep, but I think he would be too frightened anyway!
9. Visit Alresford. ( I grew up there, it is pretty and it has a steam railway)
10. Take the boys to the "swimming pool playground" Need Daddy around for this one!
11. Go Geocaching
12. Go to a pebble beach - probably Brighton
13. Have another go at making cake pops
14. Make the tortilla face thing that big man keeps pointing to in the kids cookbook
15. Watch ice age on DVD with popcorn (in preparation for seeing ice age on ice in October)
16. Construct the cardboard castle that Auntie Sara bought.
17. Make a photo pinboard for baby mans room - am one step nearer as have purchased the canvases!
18. Finish the trial memory bear
19. Get big man to ride his bike without stabilisers
20. Play post offices
21. Play sweet shops
22. Have a science day
23. Go to the Lookout
24. Go to giraffe for some food - only been there once but it was yummy!
25. Feed the ducks
26. Have a teddy bears picnic
27. Go to Tri-lakes
28. Go to music with mummy summer class
29. Go to the Olympics
30. Go to odds farm/beale park
31. Build a "campfire" and toast marshmallows
32. Collect some leaves and paint with them
33. Potato painting
34. Go strawberry picking
35. Make ladybird windchimes
36. Eat at the Legoland Hotel

I will be crossing them off as I do them, and probably adding a few more things as I think of them! Expect some blogs on them too.

Whilst making a start on 15 I was looking at buying the box set of ice age online. I was amused to fine that other customers that looked at this, also bought ice age 3, ice age, ice age 2 and 50 shades of Grey!

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