Ryvita Review


Saturday 7 July 2012

Ryvita Review

When I opened the packet of new Ryvita flavours I had been sent to review, I immediately saw the fruit crunch cripbread and thought that my husband would have to tell me if they tasted good as I was sure to hate them. I can't stand currants. However, it appears that I now need to add myself to my food rules list. For some unknown reason currants in Ryvita taste fine - in fact they taste more than fine they taste really good!

Eating a dry Ryvita isn't anyone's idea of a culinary delight (I don't think) so I tried out a couple of recipes from the Ryvita website. First up was this breakfast idea. In an effort to be healthy I used Greek yoghurt instead of the cream, and a drop of vanilla essence as I didn't have any paste. Here is what it looked like - the stacking obviously makes it look extra pretty!

ryvita breakfast

It was delicious. If breakfasts weren't such a rush every morning, I would eat this everyday - but for now it is perfect as a weekend treat. If you are wondering whether it is really worth putting the basil on, the answer is yes. It really does add to the flavour and isn't just there to make it look pretty.

Next up I thought I would try a Mediterranean Herbs crispbread recipe. The herb favouring is very subtle. Seeing as I like goats cheese, pesto and sundried tomatoes - it was always going to be a winner. The only suggestion I will make is that you drizzle some of the sundried tomato oil over the Ryvita, so it isn't too dry.

ryvita and goats cheese

Ryvita have four new flavours to try out, fruit crunch,  mediterranean  herbs, dark rye and hint of chilli (and it is only a hint). If you fancy trying them too I suggest you have a look at the recipes section on the Ryvita website for some inspiration.

I was given the Ryvita for the purpose of the review but all the opinions given here are my own.

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