Pretty.Little.Things - Beautiful Brights


Sunday 15 July 2012

Pretty.Little.Things - Beautiful Brights

Yey I am very excited that last week I was awarded the Pretty Little Things Badge for the photos of my three men in the tub. Even better is that it is the first badge I have won since I have been blogging - and here it is!

So now onto this weeks theme - quite a hard one  - Beautiful Brights. After much thinking I decided I would need to take a new photo of them in their brightest t-shirts, playing with some bright toys! Yes I know they will hate me when they are older but for now while I still can I will appreciate my three little puffer fish!

Do you dress your little ones in matching outfits, co-ordinating or do you just hate it? It certainly makes them easier to spot when they are all wearing the same thing - but do not despair they don't wear matching outfits very often.


  1. Aw bless your little puffer fish! I was dressed matching with my sis sometimes when I was younger and I have to admit I wasn't a an, but I think if I had two girls I wouldn't be able to resist from time to time!

    1. I didn't like it either when I was little, but just had this over whelming urge when I saw I could get three tops they could all fit in!


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