Organix veg and oat bars

Monday, 16 July 2012

Organix veg and oat bars

Middle man's insatiable appetitite means it is always necessary to keep a snack or two handy. All too often I don't have enough snacks to keep him happy. If you were to look in my handbag, you would undoubtdly find that there is a packet of raisins in there and more than likely another packet that has emptied itself out everywhere in a sticky gooey mess.

Therefore, when Organix said that they had some new veg and oat bars, I thought it might be worth a try in order to have another healthy snack to hand for middle man that would save the gooey mess inside my bag.

I thought I would try the sweetcorn and red pepper bars out on big man first. He is less than adventurous in his tastes but seemed eager to have a nibble. Unfortunately, I can safely say that these bars are not for him, as he took one bite, paused and then started spitting it out saying "I don't like it Mummy."

Then onto middle man. I was shocked when he was about to reject it even though he hadn't tasted it. So I told him it was a kind of flap jack and it was gone. Of course I had a nibble myself for the purpose of the review. The best way I can think of describing them is a savoury flap jack. Although they wont be to every childs taste they are a healthy snack for those that like them and better than a sticky mess at the bottom of your bag!

I was given a packet of Organix veg and oat bars for the purpose of the review but all views written here are my own.

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