You make me smile - Week 1


Tuesday 19 June 2012

You make me smile - Week 1

When I saw this I just had to take part. It is always good to focus on the good things that happen in life. We all have times when we are stressed, and I felt that picking 3 things each week that has made me smile can only be a good thing - and may even make you smile too.

First up is big man meeting the pirates of skeleton bay. We watch the show a lot.! We are lucky enough to live close to the Legoland Windsor Resort and it is the boys favourite show. At the end of the show big man always runs to high five the pirates and yesterday I was lucky enough to get a picture of him with 5 pirates.

Second up is taking middle man to In the Night Garden Live. His face when the characters came out was beautiful. If you have small children it is well worth going. For me, the way they mixed between puppets and the real charachters was enchanting, as were the faces of the little ones when their favourite TV characters appeared.

Third up has to be my photo a day album for baby man. How can you not smile about dressing your baby up as a teddy bear and then getting big man to arrange a teddy bear's picnic for him to attend. Yes I do realise my baby man will hate me in years to come, but it was all in the name of blogging!

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You make me smile

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  1. Sounds like you have had a busy week! What a gorgeous little teddy costume, you can use it as blackmail when he is older and won't do his homework! :p x


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