A Royal Half Term

Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Royal Half Term

So Bank Holiday Monday saw us getting ready for the Jubilee celebrations where we live. Cakes and crowns were baked. Bunting hung. Baby man dressed in Jubilee clothing for Mummy to take pictures of him for this special occasion in his first year.

Tuesday saw the party. Which was lovely if very cold and rainy. Middle man was up to his usual mischeif and sneaked inside a neighbours house and was found helping himself to an apple from the fruit bowl! After three or four hours outside I was relieved that middle man was getting tired and I took him inside so a rest and had a cuppa myself whilst watching my Hubbie out in the wet still.

Wednesday we visited Milestones Museum and took a step back in time. The boys bought their quarters of sweets and then middle man attempted to help himself to an artificial apple!

I couldn't help but go into teacher mode (I was a Chemistry teacher B.C. (before children))

Then middle man decided that he was the teacher - I apologise to anyone that has him in their class in years to come. It was rather nostalgic looking at the desks and blackboard, even if it did make me feel my age.

Thursday we risked soft play. The rain was belting down so as expected the queue was out of the door. Middle man got upset with the long wait for his much needed lunch and big man got sweaty. However, on the car journey home my big man made my heart melt as he leant over the baby seat and spoke the following words to his baby brother.

"I will help you learn to walk.
I will hold your hand.
I will help you jump in puddles."

And before we knew it, it was Friday with lunch with my friend and big mans friend too. And in addition big man found a mini beast!

And now it is only half a term until big man starts big (well infant) school. Let's hope the weather improves so some outdoors fun can be had.


  1. I love the crown biscuits, looks like you had a lovely half term. x

    1. I did. Just cant believe big man is so big and nearly at school. Good job I have 2 more to keep me company. And just so you know a house of three is very noisy - a house of 4 you probably can't hear yourself think :-)x