Sunday 10 June 2012


Popchips are a new snack from across the pond, which are never fried, never baked. No they aren't a chip they are a crisp. Whilst I find it disappointing that they haven't been renamed for the UK market, my middle man is currently insisting on calling a torch a flashlight thanks to the Disney Channel. I will just have to embrace the American slant on this snack.

When I opened my sample box of Popchips I was apprehensive. The packaging looked great, but I was worried about what they would taste like - noone wants to write a negative review do they? Why had I offered to product review a low fat snack? Afterall, we all know that low fat crisps usually taste like cardboard. So I pulled out a packet of Barbeque Popchips, opened it up, shut my eyes and popped one in my mouth......

Actually, they tasted nice. Infact the more Popchips you eat the more you want! And no they don't contain any MSG. I wouldn't say they tasted like a crisp. Maybe more of a rice cracker, but the important thing is they taste good. The flavours are strong and quite salty but most of my friends that tried them thought that they were a really tasty low fat snack.

So here's the science bit: Popchips are made using a rice sized piece of potato. A little heat and pressure and POP they are a chip. See they have even got me speaking American!

I would love to say I didn't snack, but I do. I am also in need of losing some weight - I can't blame it on my babies forever. Popchips contain less than half the fat of fried crisps and are less than 100 calories per bag. They come in a variety of flavours, but I found the original (salt) the best. Popchips may not make me thin but they may help me make a healthier choice when I really want some chips/crisps.

For more information on Popchips visit the Popchips website.

I was given some Popchips for the purpose of this review, but all the opinions in here are my own.

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