Monday 18 June 2012


Day 9: Your view today

Noah chases his dinner.

Day 10: Best bit of my weekend

Sunday = Swimming. I resisted the urge not to lock big man in the locker. He did amazing swimming, whilst middle man just wanted to play on the side. Baby man was great, with just a look of disghust every time I dunked him underwater.

Day 11: Door

Sleepy after the school run.

Day 12: From a low angle

Big man doing the fireman's pole and a somewhat Bridget Jones style photo!

Day 13 Art

This shows the lizard that I decoupaged on my 36th Birthday! Alongside a seahorse from San Fransisco, a starfish which was a 30th birthday present and a lizard from Mencorca.

Day 14: Time

This is what has happened in the last four and a half years.

Day 15: Yellow

My middle man will get his own back on such photos in years to come I am sure.

More photos next week x

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