Friday 8 June 2012


When a friend on Facebook invited others to join her on Fat Mum Slim's photo a day June - I thought why not? I had thought of doing a photo a day for the year but it all went a bit wrong and at least giving you prompts helps make it have more of a purpose! So far I have found it fun - even if it has convinced me that I need to get an iphone.

Day 1 Morning

Well how could my first post not be a strong coffee?

Day 2 Empty

Feeding the ducks - well more like geese and swans at Reading, they weren't too happy when the bag was empty.

Day 3 On Your Plate

With all the excitement of the Jubilee I felt the need to buy a limited edition pot of Marmite - yes I do know it is slightly crazy.

Day 4 Close Up

My gorgeous baby mans sausage fingers.

Day 5 Sign

OK I may have bent the rules a little here.It is a photo of a picture of a sign, but I didn't have time to drive around and actually find a deer crossing warning sign as it was our close Jubilee party. Or as my big man likes to think - reindeer crossing.

Day 6 Hat

My middle man was so eager to deliver the post to me he couldn't wait to have his photo taken first.

Day 7 Drink

Yes I found the temptation of not photographing my coffee again very hard - but I resisted!

Instead middle man having his milk whilst propping himself up against the TV cabinet was my picture of the day.

Day 8 6 o'clock

With three little ones I really thought that I would be taking a 6 am photo - but they slept til 6.15!
It seemed a good idea to give middle man a clock to hold. It wasn't. He thought it was scales and stepped on it.

He is clearly confused as to why Mummy wants a photo of him with some scales. Looking good in his new clothes that have just arrived though!

Will have to make sure I get some photos of big man next week. I am doing baby man a special one of his own that I will post at the end of the month.

So if you fancy joining in this month or maybe even next get over to Fat Mum Slim's blog to find out more.

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