Perfect Fajitas

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Perfect Fajitas

I love Mexican food, but if you had asked me or my husband a week ago if we like Discovery Fajita Kits we would both have said no. However, after trying the new Perfect Fajita Kit we can both say Yes. I have no idea why we thought we didn't like them, but for whatever reason, I would have always bought another brand.

The kit we used contained 8 soft flour fajitas, salsa and seasoning. The first thing we noticed was the new shaped box. Yes my husband who doesn't cook noticed it was a shape that fits easily into the cupboard. So it wasn't just me that had found the old shaped box a problem then. We were both happy with the new style box, and in addition it contains 15% less cardboard than the old style box so the environment is happy too!

We were given an Original (medium heat) kit. As I wanted to get the family to eat together I only put a small amount of seasoning on big and middle men's chicken so that they wouldn't find it too spicy. I also swapped the salsa for ketchup on theirs which was a success, as they gobbled them up.

Discovery also make a Crispy Crumb and a Mexican BBQ seasoning which are described as mild, so I will have to try these out to see if they are better suited to my little men's sensitive taste buds. If you like me thought Discovery Fajita Kits weren't for you - give them a second chance. They are not a mediocre fajita kit they are The Perfect Fajita Kit.

For more information on the range of products by Discovery and some recipe ideas visit I am going to be giving the sticky sausages a try next week as they sound yummy!

We were given The Perfect Faijta Kit for the purpose of this review, but all the opinions here are my own.

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