Menorca Memories

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Menorca Memories

Here is a list of some lovely memories of Menorca that I would forget if I didn't write them down:

Noah tried to re load the luggage onto the baggage claim belt.

Josh: When can i go to kids club? Is it kids club yet? How much longer to kids club? Finally he gets to kids club - I don't want to go to kids club. Daddy spends 45mins colouring in a starfish and playing a shark game.

Noah highlights the benifits of going all inclusive by spilling his drink EVERY meal.

"Oh tomorrow it's children's talent show" To which Josh enquires "Mummy do I have a talent?" How do you let a four year old down gently? Ollie suggested that Josh maybe needed more of a gymnastics routine rather than just a couple of forward rolls.

Josh got out of a very cold swimming pool saying "I'm as cold as a penguin!"

It appears that the Spanish also ponder about the point of vegetarians. Their vegetarian rice definately contained that well know vegetable - ham.

I decided to allow Jacob and Noah to try the orange mousse cake with hundreds and thousands on. I then made a quick dash back to the table to take it away after reading that it was whiskey cake!

Josh finds a new best friend who suggests playing hide and seek - Josh you count to 30. Mmmmmnnnn not quite there with the counting for that!

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