Locked Cupboards.....


Tuesday 12 June 2012

Locked Cupboards.....

My husband spent his bank holiday weekend, fixing child locks on cupboards. We had never done this for big man (except the sink cupboard with all those cleaning products) because we didn't need to. Middle man is a different kettle of fish. If you have read my blog before, you will know that I often refer to him as my pickle monster, and that he has a penchant for stealing apples. Well apples aren't the only thing our middle man likes. In fact the kitchen is his favourite part of the house, as it is full of food. My middle man's idea of Utopia. Three meals a day with snacks in between is not enough to satisfy my man's insatiable appetite. He is forever wandering into the kitchen and coming out with a bag of bagels, packet of crisps or even a chewed raw potato. I was slightly relieved that he had spat the pieces of potato onto the kitchen floor, but he was still biting it in a hope that it might start tasting good.

Anyway, as I said Hubbie spent a morning attaching child locks to all the cupboards, so our worries of middle man helping himself to a sneaky treat were over. Yeah right! Firstly, big man revels in the delight that he has the dexterity to open these locked cupboards. He then encourages middle man to come and have a look - which he does. And whilst there he helps himself to a bag of yoghurt covered raisins. There is then screaming and tears when I take the bag off of him. Secondly there is the fridge. How could we make such a rookie error? We didn't buy a fridge lock. The fridge is easily accessible to my middle man and it contains his current favourite snack of apples. I know I should be pleased that it is a healthy snack, but I feel I need some kind of control over my middle man's diet. I wouldn't mind if I didn't offer him it - but it seems to be that he wants to go and "hunt" for it himself.

So now we are wondering about a fridge lock. If we buy one then at least middle man won't wander off and help himself to apples, but will he just try climbing instead?


  1. Sounds like my little lad! Could you put a safety gate on the kitchen? This is what we've done and whilst it means Eli stands there and wails for his supper most days at least I know he's not emptying out my cupboards!!

    1. I have been thinking of this - need to find one that his older brother cant open though....


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