Flexibath Review


Sunday 24 June 2012

Flexibath Review

When I was expecting my big man, I was shocked at the array of baby products on the market. Knowing what you actually need and choosing the right product to suit your lifestyle is a minefield. We attended our local antenatal group and were shown how to bath a baby - I am not sure I really needed a lesson on how to do this, but it made up our minds that a baby bath would be useful, and bought a standard baby bath.

By the time baby man came into the world, Hubbie had decided that the baby bath was too cumbersome and we wouldn't bother with it. I jumped at the chance of reviewing the Flexibath as it would solve this problem. At first glance, the Flexibath is at the top end of the price scale for a baby bath at £29.95. However, on receiving this product, it is clear that the price reflects that you are purchasing a top end product. The Flexibath is a baby bath that folds flat, making storage easy. So if you are tight for space it's great. This also makes it easy to transport, so if you want to take it camping or on holiday then it's a perfect travel baby bath. It grips well to the inside of the bath or other surface so it won't slip around.


Baby man absolutely loves his Flexibath. He can splash around in it and sit up and hold onto the ridged sides. So for the next few months he is going to be happy in it. The age range is from
0-4. Whilst my middle and big man were very excited when I filled it up and put it in the bath, I think that it was more the novelty of something new. So how can I justify the large price tag? Because after you have used it as a bath, you can use it for other things. It is a fab laundry basket. We normally use the fold up crates to put our washing in. they are fine, but middle man likes to sit in them every now and then pretending they are a boat or fire engine. Inevitabley he manages to break them as they are flimsey. So not only does the Flexibath make a good boat for middle man, it makes a sturdy laundry basket for me. Another idea is a toy box, and for those odd sunny days, tip the toys out and take the Flexibath out into the garden for some water play.

uses of flexibath

The Flexibath really is a lovely product.

I was given the Flexibath for the purpose of the review, but all the views here are my own.


  1. Thanks for a really lovely review! We're pleased to see you finding so many uses for it, and I love the picture of the Flexibath fitting neatly down beside your drawers - perfect!

  2. Julie Jingle Baxter8 October 2013 at 19:13

    fantastic review


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