Fiction Friday - Barry


Friday 11 May 2012

Fiction Friday - Barry

Well here is my first Fiction Friday.  @homedad's blog hop of sharing the best in children's literature. The book that sprang to mind this week was Barry the fish with fingers.

                           Puffy, the puffer fish, could blow the best bubbles........

On Tuesday, Josh and I were discussing vegetarians in the car, What can I say other than only out of the mouths of babes.

"Some vegetarians eat meat don't they Mummy?"
"Mmmmnnnnnn not really Josh, the whole point of being vegetarian is that you don't eat meat. But some vegetarians do eat fish......"
"Oh yes fish fingers they are yummy aren't they?"
"Yes Josh, but you do realize that fish don't have fingers don't you?"
"Yes Mummy fish don't have fingers - except for Barry."

How could I reply to that little gem? I love my big boy and he loves Barry the fish with fingers!




  1. Worryingly my first thought was that he was referring to big bad Barry from Ben & Holly. But he doesn't have fingers!!

    Aren't children brilliant! :-)

    1. Worryingly I am very familiar with big bad Barry - he just eats boats. I do like a bit of Ben and Holly. Jelly Flood! I also need sleep.....

  2. Sorry, nonsensical comment I know! I need sleep.....


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