Monday, 7 May 2012


As I have mentioned previously, I spend a lot of time wondering what my gorgeous middle man is thinking. I often look at him and think is this really the top of the evolutionary scale? What would aliens think of our planet if they descended and saw Noah sat on a bench eating an ice cream, as he was on Saturday, with more of it going over his coat than was actually getting into his mouth. Indeed he favours to use his hands to eat his food - I assume this is because he can get the food in quicker than working out the co-ordination of getting a fork or spoon into his mouth quickly. My husband on the other hand, percieves Noah to be highly intelligent. He read an article suggesting that middle children often excel, so has decided that is what Noah will do.

And it appears that this morning Noah demonstrated his high intellect. This morning my hubbie braved the local corner shop with two of our three children. How I would love to take a look at their CCTV, to see the mischief my middle man got up to. The boys had popped out to buy milk (it appears the 4 pints we already had were too well camouflaged in the fridge ) bread and popping candy. Popping candy is now Josh's new favorite thing after getting it in a party bag at the weekend. They were successful on two counts - no popping candy. However, all was not lost as a replacement to popping candy they purchased a Euro 2012 football sticker book and stickers. Ollie tried to claim was for Joshua, but was really for himself. There were also a few more items which Oliver was shocked to find in his bag. One reduced price Alpen bar costing 15p, one reduced price Alpen bar costing 32p and a packet of Vimto flavoured sweets. Ollie looked suitably confused. "How did these get in here?" "Noah bought them Daddy." It appears that whilst Ollie was putting the sudoko book back on the shelf that Noah had suggested buying, that my middle man had got himself a few treats and sneaked them into the basket which was sitting on the counter. Not bad for a two year old. Maybe he is more intelligent than I have been giving him credit, creating a distraction so that he can perform his mischief.  My question is why wasn't it a bar of chocolate - mummy would have been very happy with that one.


  1. I think these boys need to be taught better sneaking, teach them where the good chocolate is kept on the shelfs!