Dr Josh

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dr Josh

As you may already know, twitter is a new and confusing world for me. But whilst trying to understand it a bit more this afternoon I came across a tweet from @ymummyreally who was asking for links to blogs about funny things that kids have said or "out of the mouths of babes." Joshua immediately sprung to mind. Oliver and I have high hopes for our first born son - consultant perhaps.....

Maybe we need to scale down our hopes a little.

Whilst driving yesterday, Josh asked me quite innocently "Mummy, you were a girl baby weren't you?"

Now clearly the differences between boy and girl babies has been bugging him as again this morning he was enquiring about me being a girl baby. "What did you look like as a baby Mummy?" I replied that I looked very similar to his baby brother Jacob. "Oh what with down hair cause you were a girl?" "What do you mean Joshua?" "Girls have down hair and boys have sticking up hair." Not the medical definition, but a definition none the less.

Ok, so it appears that a little more information is required to help my son understand this tricky topic. I must admit it has been a few months since we have had the "birds and bees" type discussion. I feel that I need to add here that in a previous life I was a Science teacher. I therefore think it's important to be as truthful as possible in such situations so that I don't give my boy any major misconceptions. I explained it to him as best I could for a four year old to understand. Josh giggled. What was funny? "Tadpoles come out of your willy Mummy? That's silly!" Not quite what I had said but along the right lines I suppose, and he was very pleased that he had won a race to get to the egg. He has also gone as far as telling my pregnant friends that their baby's will come out with a big push! And scared a few by telling them that the doctors may have to use "sharp scissors" whilst doing cutting movements with his fingers. Maybe there is some doctor potential there after all!

Last year whilst bug hunting in the garden Josh was really excited with a worm he found. I was busy trying to find some woodlice - I particularly like the ones that roll into a ball, but they don't seem to be resident in our garden.  I had got a teeny bit distracted poking woodlice when Josh came back with his worm - a piece in each hand. "Mummy, I think hes really really poorly" So the dreams of my son being a successful consultant are certainly fading but at least my boy has made me giggle.


  1. Smiled all the way through, and laughed out loud at the image of the worm at the end! My husband is rolling his eyes at me laughing at the laptop again!

    Thanks for joining in and linking up. :-)

    ps. I'm not having much luck with the button. It's probably me, not you! :-(

  2. I can laugh now about the worm - at the time I felt very sorry for it! I am sure this will not be the last post about what comes out of the mouths of babes!

  3. I do a linky for exactly this kind of story! Kids make me lol every day! Re worms, GG does forest school (which is essentially playing in the mud) and the things their worms get up to would make your ribs ache laughing *pings worm theme into Wot So Funee for tomorrow*
    Great post

    1. Ah so you do - missed that one! I'm pretty sure there will be many more stories to link to you. I do your daughters picture of Christmas - very funny. I am wanting preschool to teach Josh some new songs - as still now five months on he is singing We Wish you a Merry Christmas! Daddy is now talking about getting an ant farm, I am not so sure......

  4. Oh kids come out with the funniest things sometimes. Kitty told me that 'daddy smells of sprouts' yesterday (mwhahahahhahaaaaa!)