Cure for fear of flying


Saturday 26 May 2012

Cure for fear of flying

As we drove up to Gatwick North Terminal we were greeted by a giant British Airways billboard.

"You've arrived! Time to relax."

Clearly this advertisement was not aimed at a family with three boys under 4 1/2!

Walking into the airport it seemed strangely quiet. Then we turned a corner and there was our very long queue.  Middle man was hungry. Trying to explain to a two year old that they can have lunch after they have checked in and gone through security is near impossible. The emergency marshmallows were gone in the check in queue as a means of tempting Noah off the floor face down. 

Security went smoothly, then lunch, then Hubbie announced that "We had better get a move on."

Of course gate 49 was as far away from the restaurant as possible,and Josh's legs were getting tired. There was a brief moment of panic when Josh didn't know where the Guffalo was. But luckily the Trunki was hanging round Daddy's neck with various other bags.

Last to board the plane was probably a blessing in disguise. It also meant less people saw Noah and his attempt to move the walkway away from the plane. 

Sitting on the plane I realised I had finally found a cure for my fear of flying - three children. I was too exhausted to get worried. And so we set off on our family holiday to Menorca and finally some time to relax.


  1. Wow 3 kids to check in and you did it ! Well done you. Hope you had a fabulous holiday, we;'re off on the 9th, I've not been to Menorca, hope you'll write and let us know about it ;)

  2. Thanks! I will be writing about it, we mainly stayed by the pool and the beach as its the easiest thing with the little ones but we did hire a car (well more like bus) to get out and about one day. Hope you have a fab time.

  3. Oh how entertaining it is to go on holiday with 3 children under 5 - mine were all that age once and yes, it definitely doesn't give you an opportunity to get bored on the flight! I hope the holiday was worth it? Thanks for linking up x

  4. Hope you had a great time. I am sure the children enjoyed the experience too.


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