Sunday = Swimming


Monday 30 April 2012

Sunday = Swimming

Sunday mornings when I was a child meant going swimming with Dad. It was great - everyone was happy. Mum got to have some time away from me and my sister and get the housework done, whilst we had some quality "Dad time".  We had underwater swimming competitions, surfed on Dad's back, performed handstands (I've only ever been able to do them with the aid of water!) all before drying off and emptying the vending machines of crisps, hot dogs and doughnuts. We then returned home to eat Mum's home cooked roast. Our holidays were focused around the swimming pool. After a 2 day drive to the south of France my sister and I were sprinting to the pool the moment we reached the campsite.

So when my husband and I had children we were keen to "dunk" them underwater as soon as possible. My husband's motive for wanting the kids to swim was slightly different to mine, as he attended a school that drew attention to "weak" swimmers by the insistance that they wore a yellow swimming cap. Clearly traumatised by his brief spell as a yellow cap, he signed our babies up so that they would never have to face such humiliation. 

So once again as an adult, Sunday = swimming. We have a four year old "duckling" who after a brief spell of acting out drowning, whilst treading water, has got back into the swing of things and is progressing well. He can jump in a pool, turn around and get out, with no aids at all, so I feel happy that he has learnt a valuable life saving skill.

My two year old "starfish" is doing well, but doesn't like the fact that it's hard work swimming on a woggle, and starts shouting "bye bye woggle" the moment the instructor brings it out.

My baby man is all signed up and waiting for his first lesson. We took him to the local pool and submerged him and apart from a delayed cry he was fine. Now I'm looking forward to my boys having a childhood full of swimming fun just like I did. I'm very pleased to say that in our house, Sunday = swimming.

Written for BritMums Joy of Swimming Competition, sponsored by British Gas.


  1. This makes me feel guilty! As a dedicated 'wild' swimmer I'm going to have to overcome my aversion to swimming pools sometime soon for the sake of my children...

  2. We are proud to say we have taught both of these fantastic little swimmers and are looking forward to teaching Jacob too!

    Sunday is a great day!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks - they haven't been that cute today so I will just have to look at the pictures to remind me that they are!


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