Our Top 10 Travel Must Haves For A Ski Holiday With Kids

Monday, 27 February 2017

Our Top 10 Travel Must Haves For A Ski Holiday With Kids

It is that time of year when Mark Warner are on the look out for their brand ambassadors and have challenged bloggers to create a mood board of their top 10 travel must haves. Yes that is right, just 10. It was only a couple of years ago that I stopped asking my husband if I could pack the kitchen sink!

Now the boys are older I would love to take them on a skiing holiday. Both my husband and I were keen skiers pre children and our day trip to Lapland last year has helped us realise what is important for a ski holiday.

The Mark Warner team said they like creativity in the winning posts, but I am sorry the glitter fairy isn't visiting here! Instead we have created our mood board, Art Attack style. (Please note that whilst they make it look very easy on Art Attack, I shall not be applying to be a presenter. It is a lot harder than they make it look,which I think my video successfully shows.)

Ok, so I feel I should explain a little bit more about our 10 choices

Our Family

Yes that is right, I want my family there. The five of us. You might be mistaken in thinking that this would be obvious in booking a holiday. However, a large number of travel companies aren't quite there yet. Holidays for families of 4. Tick. For a family of 5, now that can be tricky. I have lost count of the number of times that we have been told that we can have 2 rooms but we can't guarentee that they will be interconnecting. The most important thing I must have on any holiday is my family. All 5 of us.


An obvious one for a holiday abroad?

Well you would think.

I kid you not, not one but two of my friends have had to cancel their holidays last minute in recent years as a few days before departure they have realised that one of their children's passports has run out. Holiday's are such a special time together and this would be devastating. I am now slightly obsessive about checking that our passports are in date.

The right scarf

Ok, quiz time.

Spot the difference in these two pictures of middle man below (other than he has changed into a snow suit.)

The picture on the right is how he was dressed the majority of the time we were in Lapland. Yes, he decided that his scarf wasn't right and he took a liking to my pink snood type scarf instead. And do you know what? He was right! My scarf was the best. You don't want the bulkiness of a normal scarf when you are skiing (or visiting Father Christmas.) The right scarf is the way to go.


Whether you are going on a sun or a ski holiday you will want to take your camera to take pictures of the stunning views and your precious family memories.

Manuel Antonio Beach Costa Rica

When your legs are tired in a cloud forest, you can play rock, paper, scissors.
One of the best things about skiing is the views. They are simply breath taking. It would be the boy's first skiing trip. I would want to capture those precious memories on camera. I am also a bit of a Go Pro junkie. We bought the Go Pro for our trip to Lapland. The only problem was that by the time we arrived it was dark! I would love to capture our ski adventures on this.


Layers, layers, layers. They are the way to go on a ski holiday. Best to have too many layers and take them off, than too little and be cold.

The Right Attitude

I have found that a lot of people put barriers in the way of travelling with their children. It is too expensive, too much hassle, they wont appreciate it. I guess to some extent you can agree with this, but I feel it is all down to your attitude. We just ask the boys to try what we put before them and see if they like it. So far our travels have been better than we could have imagined. Just have fun.

Sun Cream

Yes it is cold, yes there is snow. but yes you can get sun burnt. We would be slapping on the sun cream if we were lucky enough to be chosen.

Children's Medicine

Having three children, it is peace of mind having some medicine to hand if you need it. Whilst you may still need to find a pharmacy or go to the doctors on a trip, having some children's medicine to hand might help you for a couple of hours.


When you become a parent, you find that you carry a lot of snacks about your person. All Mums have at least 3 stray raisins in their handbag. Fact. Children are always hungry. This starts from arriving at an airport check in and happens every-time they have to wait for more than 30 seconds. Snacks are important at all times, but especially when travelling.


One of the areas Mark Warner pride themselves on is childcare. As a family we have only used childcare on holiday once. Yes, my husband spent 45 minutes of his life colouring in a octopus because big man wouldn't let him leave. I was left at the side of the pool with a 2 year old and a 6 month old baby as they were too little to be in kids club. Let's just say it was not relaxing! Mark Warner appear to have everything covered though. Their childcare runs from 4 months to 12 years at the ski resorts. Our boys would all fit into the Junior club and would be encouraged to enjoy the snow. Leaving me to relax by pointing my skis down a red run. (Ok maybe after 11 years I should go for an easy blue!)

Our Top 10 Travel Must Haves For A Ski Holiday With Kids Mood Board

So there you have it my top 10 travel must haves for a ski holiday. Do you agree? What would you change? Have you tried Mark Warner yourself, are they as good as they sound? So with that I will sit back, relax and cross everything. In a hope that we could be skiing down a snowy mountain later this year, with Mark Warner.

This is part of my application to be a #MarkWarnerMum 2017.

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