Mango And Ginger Milk-Free Shakes

Friday, 1 July 2016

Mango And Ginger Milk-Free Shakes

Mango and ginger milk-free shakes

In my bid to make some healthier recipes on the blog I decided to make these mango and ginger milk free shakes. I made some banana and pecan ones last year that are delicious but on the sweet side. This recipe has a warmth thanks to the ginger and I don't feel it needs any sugar added,

Mango and Ginger Milk Free Shakes

(Serves 2)

Half a mango
One glass of ice
3/4 glass of coconut milk
1cm cubed of ginger (you may want to cut this in half and add it a bit at a time, just incase you don't like ginger as much as I do!)

Just add all the ingredients into a blender and whizz up. One word of warning, make sure you are using a blender that can cope with ice. I used to have an inexpensive smoothie maker which died when I tried to crush ice in it. Personally I have a Boss Blender which is fantastic.

What great milk free shakes do you enjoy?

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