Hama Bead Medal

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Hama Bead Medal

no 1 medal

With sporting events everywhere this summer, why not make a simple Hama bead medal with the children.

You will need:

Hama Beads (I used metallic ones, but any colours will look lovely)
A round Hama bead board and paper
Blu Tack

I started by making the number one in the centre of the board with the bronze coloured beads. I then used bronze and silver beads around the outside of the medal alternatively. Finally I filled in the medal with gold Hama beads. I then placed the paper over the beads and ironed it on both sides.

Finally I added the ribbon using some blu tack.

This Hama bead medal is a simple craft to do with the children over the summer and who knows they may even present it to you!

What sporting craft ideas do you have?

I received the materials for this craft for the purpose of this post.

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