Win Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games Movie Box Set

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Win Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games Movie Box Set

With Easter around the corner, Equestria Girls/My Little Pony fans will be excited to know that the Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games Movie Boxset is out on DVD on 21st March.

The DVD contains two feature length episodes of the animation set at Canterlot High and featuring the friends, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie pie and more.

First up is Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.  Here Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie Rarity and Fluttershy perform at the Canterlot High musical showcase as their new band The Rainbooms. However, it soon becomes a Battle of the Bands when The Dazzlings arrive and tensions between the friends mount. But are the Dazzlings here to just be named best band? Sunset shimmer realises there is more to the case and call Princess Twilight to help save the entire school.

The second movie is Equestria Girls: Friendship Games. An exciting event including archery, motocross and rollerskating takes part between Canterlot high and rival Crystal Prep Academy. Keeping magic out of the games could prove tricky.

Immerse yourself in a double dose of Equestria Girls magic as this bumper box-set is yours to take home on DVD on 21st March. The perfect addition to any wannabe rock star’s collection.

You can pre order the boxset from Amazon

I am excited to let you know that I have been offered a copy of the boxset to giveaway to one of my readers. Just complete the Gleam entry below. Good Luck!

Equestria Girls DVD

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